NGN Australia Committee

Who are we?

The NGN Australia Committee is a group of NGN members that have been nominated to liaise with CIGRE Australia panels along with other industry groups. The committee also manages NGN memberships and the publishing of content.

As a group, the committee helps drive the year’s activities, and organise valuable opportunities for NGN members.

NGN Charter

NGN Australia Charter v2.3

2021/2022 NGN Australia Committee

Role Name
Chairperson Maddy Binet
Chairperson Phil Coughlan
Inter-Group Liaison: Australian Power Institute (API) Neha Moturi
Inter-Group Liaison: ATC Alex Price
Inter-Group Liaison: IEEE Krishna Tata
Member Engagement Coordinator Harsh Gupta
Panel Liaison: A1 – Rotating Electrical Machines Damien Vermeer
Panel Liaison: A2 – Transformers Sanika Willard
Panel Liaison: A3 – High Voltage Equipment Harsh Gupta
Panel Liaison: B1 – Insulated Cables Phil Coughlan
Panel Liaison: B2 – Overhead Lines Stephanie Phillips
Panel Liaison: B3 – Substations Daniel Stafford
Panel Liaison: B4 – HVDC and Power Electronics Maddy Binet
Panel Liaison: B5 – Protection and Automation Alan Luc
Panel Liaison: C1 – System Development and Economics YiSiang Ooi
Panel Liaison: C2 – System Operation and Control Alex Price
Panel Liaison: C3 – System Environmental Performance Natasha D’Silva
Panel Liaison: C4 – System Technical Performance Wei Jian Chan
Panel Liaison: C5 – Markets and Regulation Brian Joseph
Pippa Williams
Panel Liaison: C6 – Distributed Systems and Dispersed Generation Adrian Lloyd
Panel Liaison: D1 – Materials and Emerging Test Techniques Sam Murali
Panel Liaison: D2 – Information Systems and Telecommunications Mark Matthews
NGN Mentoring Coordinator Mitchell Tap
Publishing Coordinator Matthew Zillmann
Ash Gupta