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17 Nov 2021 CIGRE Women in Energy (WiE) Australia Webinar: NEM Oscillatory Stability Marina Delac of AEMO Video link
13 Oct 2021 Webinar: Line-Commutated Converter (LCC) High Voltage DC Michael Dalzell of Transpower Video link
15 Sept 2021 Webinar: Overcoming Protection, Control, and Stability Challenges in Microgrids and DERs Michael Higginson & Saeed Kamalinia of S&C Electric Company Video link
4 June 2021 Webinar: Harmonic Filter Design and Analysis NEPSI Video link
17 Nov 2020 Webinar: Powerlink’s travelling wave fault location implementation Bruce Capstaff of Powerlink Queensland Video link (coming soon)
21 Oct 2020 Webinar: CitiPower & Powercor and ENEA Consulting’s Future grid for distributed energy Olivier Lacroix & Chris Williams of ENEA Consulting Video link
18 Sept 2020 Webinar: Fibre optic network data centre fundamentals Farshad Charmchi of TasNetworks Video link
18 Aug 2020 Webinar: Synchronous condensers – are they the solution to today’s challenges Fabian Spescha of AEMO Recording not available
7 July 2020 Webinar: Regulating distribution transformers for greater rooftop solar PV grid integration Dr Thomas Smolka Video link
19 June 2020 Webinar: Control Strategies Addressing Inverter Impacts on The System Prof. Gerard Ledwich Video link
21 May 2020 Webinar: Introduction to Voltage Source Converter (VSC) HVDC Les Brand Video link
8 Apr 2020 Webinar: STATCOM Tutorial with Australian Case Studies John Wright-Smith Video link
13 Nov 2019 Webinar: Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineering and Analytics Dr Andrew Thomas Video link
Presentation: Networks in the Age of Uncertainty David Bones Video link
Presentation: Innovation & risk taking in the current Industry Environment Lundall Josey Video link
Webinar: Teleprotection Over IP – Principles of Operation Nick Lee Video link
Webinar: The Challenges and Opportunities of Rooftop PV Uptake Wai-Kin Wong Video link
Webinar: Anti-islanding Protection and its Requirements in the Australian Context Winodh Jayewardene Video link
Webinar: Alternative Refurbishment Strategies for Steel Towers Colin Brown Video link
Tutorial: Guide for Transformer Maintenance Ross Willoughby Video link
Presentation: Partial discharge testing and monitoring of power system assets Dr Wojciech Koltunowicz Video link
Webinar: Implementing IEC61850 – Secondary Systems in Ausgrid’s North Sydney Zone Substation Ben Haines Video link
Q&A Session: Earthing System Design – Moving from Worst Case to the Big Picture Stephen Palmer Video link
Q&A Session: 12 Years 12 Years of Live Substation Work at Powerlink Queensland Brad Scott Video link


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