Join the NGN

How to join CIGRE NGN Australia

CIGRE NGN membership is available (and FREE) to any of the following:

    1. Individual members of CIGRE (Member II) who are aged 35 or under (you can join CIGRE as an Individual Member); or
    2. Employees of Collective members who are aged 35 or under; or
    3. Full time tertiary students (proof of full-time study required)

If you are meet criteria 1 or 2, and are already an Individual or Collective member, please complete the form linked below.

NGN Application Form

Once processed, you will be provided with a registration link. Please note:

    1. The registration must be completed within 72 hours
    2. The registrations details should utilise your organisations email address unless you are an individual member (this is how we verify your membership)
    3. Further details will be provided with the registration link

If you are a full time student and/or not already an individual or collective CIGRE Australia member, please go to and complete the registration steps before lodging your NGN application. Individual membership is FREE for all full time students!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Committee team at

NGN membership is free to any engineer aged <35yo who is an individual member of CIGRE Australia or an employee of a corporate member.

Please note that this email is not constantly monitored, so a response may take up to 5 working days.  If urgent call the CIGRE office (07) 3310 8838.