Women in CIGRE Australia

The Women in CIGRE Network Australia is a group of CIGRE and NGN members, working together to empower both current and future female members to build fulfilling careers in the energy industry and in CIGRE. The NGN Australia committee plays an integral role in supporting the Women in CIGRE group.

Australian power systems are undergoing unprecedented changes, so it is clear that there is no better time to promote diversity in the engineering industry in order to address the many associated technical challenges.

The current gender diversity statistics for CIGRE Australia at each organisational level are given below:

Representation in CIGRE # F/M %
Executive Board 2/10 20%
AU National Committee Conveners 1/16 6.25%
Panel membership 14/290 4.9%

WiCA Vision and Mission Statements


Women in CIGRE Australia (WICA) is the leading platform for promoting inclusion in the power industry. We form the future of CIGRE, which accurately reflects the diversity of the society it serves and empowers the next generation to change the world.


Women in CIGRE Australia supports women and other minorities by providing links to global thought leaders and role models, as well as demonstrating the influence of female and other diverse professionals.

How to Join WiCA

Engineers of all ages are eligible to join the WiCA group.

You can join the Women in CIGRE Australia group by joining the NGN using the instructions given here.

If you just want to join the WiCA group, send an email/message to ngn@cigreaustralia.org.au and indicate you want to join WiCA (see here).