Young Professionals’ (NGN) Scholarships for Paris 2024

CIGRE Australia has just announced the launch of scholarships to attend the Paris Session to be held in August 2024.

The scholarships provide funding for two NGN members to attend the most important event in the CIGRE calendar. Applications are open to individual members of CIGRE or employees of Collective members who will be 33 years of age or younger in August 2024 and who have at least four years work experience. Applicants must make a written submission and have their attendance endorsed by their employer. This year, applicants must also commit to prepare a draft paper and a presentation on one of the preferential subjects for the 2024 Paris Session.

If you are a Collective member, please liaise with your organisation to confirm if an internal selection process is being considered. Collective organisations have been contacted directly to provide nominations, with Collective 1 Members able to nominate up to two employees, Collective 2 members can nominate one employee, whilst Individual members are able to self-nominate. It is expected that each application from a Collective member is submitted under a covering letter from their organisation which supports their application.

Full details and application form are available here.

Applications close on Friday 15 December 2023.