Welcome to Next Generation Network (NGN) Australia

CIGRE Next Generation Network (NGN) is a division of CIGRE Australia that aims to develop the next generation of power engineering professionals.

CIGRE NGN is the first step for young engineers (up to 35 years old) to directly interact with one of the largest and most prestigious international power industry bodies. CIGRE was established to develop and distribute technical knowledge and experience in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of high voltage electricity. It does this by providing an interactive forum that brings together key players, research workers, producers, manufacturers, system operators, traders, and regulatory bodies.

Women in CIGRE Australia (WiCA) Network and NGN Australia

The Women in CIGRE Australia (WiCA) Network is a group of CIGRE and NGN members, working together to empower both current and future members to build fulfilling careers in the energy industry and in CIGRE. The NGN Australia committee plays an integral role in supporting the Women in CIGRE group.

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For NGN Members

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Next Generation Network Significant Contribution Award 2020

The NGN Significant Contribution Award for 2020 was announced, and the winners are listed below: Stefie CRAY (Germany) Stanislav EROSHENKO (The Russian ...
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