CIGRE AU NGN Webinar: Harmonic Filter Design

Webinar: Harmonic Filter Design

Presented by Paul Steciuk of NEPSI

The CIGRE Australia NGN welcomes you to attend our first webinar for 2021 (yes, been a slow start) on harmonic filter design!

The presentation, which will be run by Paul Steciuk of NEPSI, will explain some of the basics behind harmonic filters, their specification and design, and provide a forum for attendees to ask questions relating to MV harmonic filters.

You can register to attend this Webinar via the link below.

When: 09:00 – 10:00 AEST, 4th June 2021
Where: Webinar
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Presentation Synopsis

Medium voltage harmonic filters are used on all power systems at all voltage levels, but they are primarily used on industrial power systems at the medium-voltage level where large non-linear loads are in use, to improve power factor, prevent harmonic resonance, and mitigate harmonic distortion.  Their design is not widely known or understood, and because of this, the task of design and specification is often left in the hands of the drive/rectifier supplier or electrification equipment packager.  Because of this approach, due to margin stacking, the limited number of drive/rectifier suppliers, and the captive nature of the procurement process, the customer/EPC pays more and gets less.  There is a better approach, and that is to break the filter package from the drive/rectifier supplier or electrification packager, create your own filter design and specification, and bid it out to vendors who specialise in harmonic filter design and manufacturing.

In this presentation, NEPSI demystifies harmonic filter design, paving the way for the EPC and engineering firms to break the filter package from the electrification packager and/or drive/rectifier supplier.  NEPSI discusses the basics of filter design, filter topology, most prevalent filter types, their advantages/disadvantages, component selection and rating, vendor review, typical protection and control schemes, and more. This is an interactive and technical learning session where engineers can ask questions and receive answers from a NEPSI engineer who specialises in filter design, specification, and manufacturing.