CIGRE NGN IEC: COP26 – United Nations Climate Summit

The main international COP26 event is in November and this Youth Conference will be a virtual event held at the beginning of September (7th and 8th).

Details are still being developed, however there are a few opportunities for NGN members to get involved;

  1. Develop potential topics for the two day event (see COP26 – September 2021 – Next Generation Network – International – CIGRE Groups)
  2. Attend teleconferences pertaining to each of the 4 workstreams (see above link)
  3. Nominate yourself as a speaker at the digital event
  4. Provide ideas for content that can be shared at the virtual exhibition stand (COP26 Virtual Stand – Next Generation Network – International – CIGRE Groups)

Feel free to reach out to the current NGN co-chairs discuss your potential involvement further.

Youth Engineering Conference Marketing.pdf